History of Del Mare 1911

Foto di Armando e il figlio Raoul Del Mare

For over 100 years, Del Mare 1911 has been talking about men's fashion through the family tailoring experience.

A centuries-old tradition of men's clothing that is renewed from generation to generation. Already in the mid-1800s, the first descendants of the Del Mare family were involved in the trade of fabrics and men's clothing in Livorno.

The second generation, in the 1900s, crossed their fate with the famous Facis group and moved to Turin. After the Second World War, things change: Facis is acquired by another group and the Del Mare family moves to Milan.

In recent years, the first single-brand boutiques were inaugurated, which immediately transmitted the DNA of the family to the Milanese city. With a story that has been handed down from father to son for over 100 years.

Known for having written the history of men's clothing, today Del Mare 1911 aims to conquer the Italian and foreign market thanks to a contemporary product, in which high quality meets the needs of the global market.